Whole House Remodels

Remodeling is a rewarding way of turning a house that isn’t quite right — but you love anyway — into a home that really makes you happy. The Puget Sound region has a wonderful supply of homes with great potential for remodeling.


Whether you plan to transform your whole house or focus on a small-scale remodel, the design process is the same. We work with you to renovate or add spaces in harmony with the spirit of your home. Our aim is to create an environment that suits your lifestyle, not just a technically competent remodel. We help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your house and develop a design that respects its best features yet adds the special touches that make it even more your very own.


For photographic profiles of our large-scale remodels, click on the thumbnails below.




Leschi residence


Bellevue residence


Magnolia residence
Winner 2003 Home of the Year

Island Island residence

Laurelhurst Laurelhurst residence

Seward Park Seward Park residence

Meridian Meridian residence

Innis Arden Innis Arden residence