Palladian Point Residence

Lake side view
This new home opens to expansive views in the Palladian Point community on
the northwest slope of Cougar Mountain.

What the client asked for


Clean transitional styling, with all major rooms to take in the wide territorial view.


Easy access, with a minimum of steps on and to the main living level.


A master suite on the main living level.


Low maintenance inside and out.


A woodworking shop, separate from the house and garage.


Dramatic spaces with fun lighting.




Designed a house with clean lines and an open feeling that can accommodate both traditional and contemporary furnishings. Kept the roof profile low due to covenant view restrictions.


Oriented all main living spaces so they open to the great views.


Situated the house on the steep slope in such a way that there are no steps from the exterior into the main area.


Specified an exterior finish of Dryvit stucco with integral color, so that the house will not have to be painted.


Connected a large, separate woodworking shop through a breezeway.


Designed an entry and adjacent hall as a distinctive gallery space with coordinated wall pilasters, trim, wood flooring detail, and dramatic placement of recessed lighting.


Created living and dining areas with coffered 15 foot high ceilings and different types of lighting to provide drama and allow for changes in atmosphere.


Located a see-through gas fireplace between the dining and living rooms to enhance the formality of these spaces and create a strong spatial focus.


Designed the kitchen around an island with a dramatic skylight directly above. The kitchen lighting is similar to that in the other main areas, with several types of recessed lighting placed for function and quick changes of mood.


Placed the master suite on the main level, giving the owner direct access to all main living areas without the need for steps.

Living room
Living room with dramatic 15-foot-high coffered ceiling, large view windows,
and a free-standing see-through gas fireplace. Dining room is on the other
side of the fireplace.

Living room
Living room from the other direction, away from the fireplace.

Dining room
Dining room on the other side of the see-through fireplace.

Kitchen organized around a black-granite cooking island under a skylight.
Two Sub Zero refrigerators on the back wall have veneered doors matching
the cabinetry.

Formal entry with skylight and main hallway designed as an art gallery.

Bathroom vanity with polished black granite counter.