Island Residence

  A new seating platform with fire pit overlooks the cove. Reached from the main deck by stairs, it is set on a lower level, enhancing its sense of seclusion.

What the client asked for


Add a second-story guest suite and expand the existing deck with an intimate seating area, while maintaining and complementing the house's rustic lodge character.

These projects are the latest in a series of remodels and expansions designed by CASA for this island residence over the last 12 years.




Replaced an existing bath on the main level, added a stairway, and created a new upper level suite consisting of a guest bedroom, sitting room, dressing room, bathroom, and its own deck overlooking the cove and grounds.


Expanded the structure of the existing deck with stairs down to a new platform featuring a seating area organized around a propane-fueled fire pit.


Added deck storage under a portion of the existing deck for deck furniture.


The design of both the upper level and the new seating platform blend into the existing house design seamlessly, continuing the lodge style of peeled poles with copper flashing.


The deck addition uses the same style railing as the existing deck. It has an Adirondack look that incorporates parts of fallen tree branches collected on site. The earlier deck structure was allowed to grey naturally, and the new deck will age the same way.

View from the new guest bedroom on the upper level, with a private deck overlooking the cove.

Built-in bookshelves and cabinets frame the bed in the guest bedroom.

  Additional built-in storage cabinets and a settee in the dressing area, just off the guest bedroom and bathroom.


The double-sink vanity in the new guest bathroom.

A built-in entertainment center with bookshelves in the sitting room of the guest suite.

The sitting room from the other direction, with soothing natural light from two directions.

The fire pit platform with its Adirondack-style railing details assembled from tree branches collected on site.

  A close-up of the propane-fueled hearth, showing the fire burning through a glass-bead base. When not in use, it is protected from weather and debris with a custom-made copper cover. The connecting stairs are in the background.

A view of the existing main-level deck from the direction of the fire-pit stairs, showing how the structure has weathered gracefully over the years.